While Hong Kong was exciting, and even though we had won an international DuPont for innovation. Making packaging goods

was a little dull. 

Marc finally asked, why are we making "cents" for packaging when we could put our own liquid inside and make "dollars".


And, suddenly, we were on a jet to Los Angeles. 

Sometimes you have those meetings where the founder of the World's Number One beverage development company decides to make you their Asia & Middle East agency.

And so we learnt the art of "How to Launch Beverage Brands". And we saw what worked and, perhaps more aptly, "What Didn't Work".

Shortly, another US company asked us to become founders of an international

beverage company, licensing and

distributing beverages

and premium spirits.

Now we were importing and exclusively representing over 100 spirit brands into SE Asia. And listing our brands on the menus

in the very best 5 Star hotels and Resorts

with placement in the busiest bars

and clubs.

But with the expanding families and young kids, it was time to depart from the more hectic "adult" environments of SE Asia 

and we turned our gaze towards 

New Zealand.



New Zealand has excellent wines and a booming Craft beer industry.

Yet there were no clear leaders in the Craft Spirit industry. And the premium bar segment had hardly started and the cocktail culture was in its infancy. 

Hmmm... no industry leaders...behind the rest of the world...everyone focusing on the domestic market. 

This tasted like opportunity.

With 57.7% of New Zealand exports being food and beverage, high repute for quality goods and with 55.3% of exports going into SE Asia, this really was opportunity.


And so we set to work.



We knew that you had to control the production.


So we built a bottling facility.

We knew you had to get better price points, because NZ Craft spirits were too expensive.

So we used our China contacts for all our dry goods.

We knew you had to have a diverse portfolio in order to be attractive to international buyers and distributors (and we knew this because we had been the buyer)

So we designed a portfolio currently consisting of 14 SKUs.

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