"Join us on our Journey as we become the Largest independent Craft Spirit company in New Zealand".

Spending 20 years overseas specialising in Beverage Development, Licensing and Distribution gives you a heck of a head-start over all of the competition here in New Zealand.

Selling over 100 Brands/SKUs of Premium Spirits direct to 4 & 5 Star Hotels, Resorts, Bars and Clubs in SE Asia gives you a tremendous insight into the

Buyer's mind.

And winning international Awards, such as a DuPont for Innovation means you know what ticks consumer desires.

Some of our "competition" like to tinker in the forest foraging for ingredients, and others like to spend their hours stirring their brews. 


At EMBASSY we know it's really about Branding, Exits, Mergers, Acquisitions, Strategic Alliances, Credit Lines, Placement, Footprint, Ambassadors, Industry Approval, Consumer Impact & Desirability.

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